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Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries

Common Questions

How is Douglas Fry Roofing different from its competitors?

Everyone who works for us is an employee and installs roofs.  Many people in this industry actually have very little installation knowledge.  How can someone put together the right roofing system if they don't know how the roofing installation process goes?  Many sales people strictly go off insurance paperwork for pricing and scope of project.   We also have no commissioned sales people.  This ensures transparency for the home owner.  We will tell you if you need a new roof, a repair, or have no issues with your current roof.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Not only are we registered by the state of Kansas we are licensed and insured for liability and workman's compensation.  Everyone who works for us is an employee, this ensures you that your home and property are properly taken care of.  Many roofing companies hire sub contractor roofing crews, when this happens all the insurance requirements are then pushed onto the roofing crew itself and not the company you are dealing with.  This has the potential for some very dangerous consequences as a homeowner.

Do you provide a written estimate?

We always give a written estimate on repair and re-roof projects.  This will include the scope of work, warranty information, and price and any payment schedules.  With the increase of insurance work many companies have tried to go to a "per insurance" agreement where they do not write the total price on a contract.  This lets the contractor try and get "extra money" from the insurance company.  This type of business practice increases insurance rates for everyone, and leads to many communication issues between homeowners and contractors.

Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries

Common Questions

Do you have a business location?

Yes, we are located at 1835 N. Ohio in Wichita, Ks.  We even own our own building.  Roofing companies have many tricks to make you think they have a office and warehouse location.  From renting a mailbox only address, to renting a small office that nobody goes to just to have an address and appear to be a local contractor.  We have lived and worked in Wichita for 30 years.

What is your supervision process?

Throughout your entire process with Douglas Fry Roofing you will dealing directly with Doug Fry.   Doug will check in throughout the day to ensure the process is going smoothly.  He also still shingles and does repairs with the crews.   We also have two lead foreman that are in charge of the roofing process when Doug is not on the job site.

Are you a member of the BBB?

We are a member of the BBB with an A plus rating.  We take great pride in the fact that we have no complaints with the BBB, this is a result of having great customer service.  We always take care of our customers and their roofing needs.

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