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Standing Seam Metal Installation

The right metal roof can last a lifetime

Our Metal Roofing Manufacturer


It’s All in the Details

We have used Central States Manufacturing, Inc. metal for more than 10 years.  From different panel profiles, hidden fasteners, to lifetime warranty of the paint we have always been pleased with the look, support, and feedback from installing Central States Metal panels.  Like any roofing system, the end result is only as good as the craftsmanship and other accessories used on the roof from proper underlayment to balanced ventilation.

Standing Seam Roofing Options


Customized to Your Preferences

There are many different types of metal roofs and thickness of metal.  Many roofers will even leave the old roof on and install the new metal roof over the old roof and sell it as a benefit.  We typically use the horizon lock panel.  It has a primed 26 gauge metal with a lifetime paint warranty and hidden fasteners to help prevent leaks and issues down the road.  We also, always use a self-adhered underlayment that seals directly to the roof deck.  This helps prevent any leaks or ice damning fort he life of the metal roof.

Standing Seam Metal


Aren't all metal roofs the same?

There are several qualities of metal roofing options for every style and budget.  There is a wide variety of paint types and thicknesses, rust blocking coatings, and steel harness and thickness to help keep your new metal roof from fading to denting over time.  Metal roofing is energy-efficient and can hold up to hail and wind more than a traditional asphalt roof.  We offer workmanship warranties on metal roofs from 5 years up to 15 years for your peace of mind.

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