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Roof Flashing Issues and Leaks

As one of the few contractors in Wichita that offer workmanship warranty from 5,10, and 15 years we pride our selves on using the proper underlayment, flashings and metal components to match the life of the shingle.  You can have the best roof in the world but if you don't mirror the other components of the roof it won't matter, the roof system will fail and not last as long or perform as long as the roof should.

Dead Pan Area

This dead pan area takes on a lot of water from three different roof slopes.  It is tucked under the siding and difficult to remove and replace.  We see many leaks from situations similar to this. Many roofers don't want to take the time and effort to replace these types of flashings during a new roof installation.  During any roofing project ask what flashings are being replaced or being reused.

Davinci Roof Fail

Davinci roofs are a great product and should last 40 to 50 years.  Many of the issues we see with high-end roofs are because roofers are not using the proper underlayment or not replacing chimney flashings not using the proper roofing nails. In this instance the roofer used a pvc rubber plumbing pipe flashing that will not last the life of the roof and reused the hvac base flashing that was over 25 years old.  A really good question to always ask the roofer, do the other components and accessories match the level of the roof that is being installed?

Roofing Flashing and skylights

From eave to rake flashing, new skylight flashings and top and bottom chimney flashing, to specialty flashings, everywhere there is penetration or edge of the roof there is a vulnerability for a roof leak.  Special attention to detail must be taken to ensure the longevity of the roof.  We see corners cut every day on eve metal, valley metal, pipe flashings.  Many roofers cut corners to save time and cut cost. When you see the lowest price there are usually reasons the price is so much lower.  Taking the lowest roofing bid can cost the homeowner a lot more money and time in the long run. 

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