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DaVinci Roofscapes Shingle and Siding

As one of the first roofers in the Wichita area to install Davinci roofs as early as 2002 we have the experience, history, and knowledge to install DaVinci roofs to the highest standards.  From Single Width slate, Multi width shake and now the new Select Shake or DaVinci Siding, DaVinci has some of the best synthetic products available at every price point.  However, even the best material won't save a bad roofing installation that doesn't follow installation requirements, balanced ventilation, or city codes.

Davinci roofing products can add great style and pop to your new roof while being a maintenance-free product for years to come.  The key to any roof along side the installation process is the underlayment and accessories.  Do they match the lifetime quality of the shingles?  If not, the lifetime roof you select won't last a lifetime.

DaVinci Single Width Slate Roof

We removed an old Westile concrete tile roof off for this project in east Wichita due to a hail storm in June of 2019. We installed DaVinci single Width Slate with a self-adhering underlayment to the entire roof deck.  

The  Davinci Single width Slate shingle gave the look and comfort the homeowners were looking for.  They wanted a roof that would stand up to the strong winds and hail along with the harsh Kansas winters.  They found what they were looking for in the Davinci Slate shingle.

DaVinci Roofscapes Siding Installation 

The DaVinci siding really brings this entire project together. We took a combination of wood shingles off the walls and roof and part of the roof had shake shingles.  We installed Malarkey Windsor XL for the color to blend in with the new DaVinci siding.

This homeowner had an old shake roof and needed it replaced from hail damage.  She took a long time deciding to move forward with the Davinci Siding.  She had other roofing companies tell her to just install the shingles up the wall to match.  We had a different vision for her home and this project.  Once she finally saw the finished product she was elated.  Along with the wow factor, she couldn't believe how well it blended with the new roof along with the siding already on the rest of the house.  She couldn't believe how many of her neighbors stopped her to compliment her on the Davinci siding.  

DaVinci Bellaforte New Construction Roof

Let's be honest, almost any roof would look amazing on this house.  We matched the DaVinci Bellaforte shingle with 24 gauge kynar valley metal, and copper cupola's to add some pop to the roofline.

A great new construction roof starts with a great builder who understands doing the job properly and pairing a great roof with a great roofer will add years to the roof.  

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