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Tile Roof Repairs

With over 30 years fixing high-end tile roofs Doug Fry to this day still goes out and fixes and installs roofs.  Doug has spent years perfecting repair techniques while spending time training and showing our employees his work ethic and high standards for our customers.

Wilson Estate Tile Repair

There is more than meets the eye on a tile roof repair. From being able to identify the tile, to be able to locate discontinued tile like Westile, or Vostile.  A tile repair is more about knowledge, skill, and experience, along with the proper material than how fast you can get the repair finished.  We see people cut corners far too often on tile roof repairs to save time and money.  Many of these repairs that cut corners don't usually last more than 6 months to a year after the initial repair attempt.  Be wary of a contractor who won't offer a warranty or only offers a small warranty or a repair price that seems too good to be true.  Tile roof repairs are labor-intensive and can take multiple days or longer depending on the severity and size of the repair.

Failed Tile Roof Repair to Sell House

From reusing rusted through valley metal to not peeling off the back of the self-adhering ice and water, to using synthetic felt and caulking on the edge of the underlayment, to putting the battens right next to the rise of the valley, this repair attempt was a mess and one of the worst we've seen.  There is more than meets the eye on most tile repairs.  This was a job that was done to fool the homeowner in hopes the tile roof would stop leaking and the house would sell before someone found out about the repair issues.  The most expensive tile repair is a failed one that you spend thousands on just to find out you have to fix it again but properly.

Tile Repair Failures

From ignoring installation instruction, putting flat roofing material over a hole and thinking water won't run downhill right under the material, to not having experience to know how to install the first row of tile and installing a brand new tile roof where it will leak in a year or two are just a few of the things we see on a weekly basis year after year.  Make sure you do some research on any company that is doing repair work on your home.  They should be able to write down and explain what and why they are doing the repair the way they are doing it.  Make sure you have the warranty information written down and ask what is covered with the warranty.

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