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 Asphalt Shingles Options

Certainteed Presidential Shake

Presidential shake shingle is a high-end lifetime asphalt shingle. Presidential Shake is a great asphalt roofing option, especially when you are removing wood shake shingles and going to an asphalt roofing system. The presidential Shake by Certainteed is designed to replicate the look of cedar shake shingles.  With the proper installation and accessories, the presidential shake roofing system will give you a lifetime of maintenance-free performance and beauty for years to come.  Whether you are needing a new roof installation, or a new construction installation we have the right shingle and accessories to keep your roof performing for years to come. 

Atlas StormMaster Shake

Serving the Wichita, Ks market for over 30 years we know we need to use the best material to stand up to the harsh winters and violent springs that bring hail and wind to our area.  That's why we recommend Atlas Shingles. Atlas has many asphalt shingle options, but we encourage people to use the  Atlas StormMaster Shake Shingles offer some of the best color options, wind warranty, and timeless look of any architectural style roof around.  From a lifetime warranty to a 130 mph wind warranty, and class 4 impact rating you can rest assured with the proper installation your new roof will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Choosing a Roofing System

Not all roofs are created equal, and not are all roofing companies are the same.  All roofs are a roofing system.  The asphalt shingle, the underlayment, the valley metal, proper ventilation, all of it works together to protect your home and the life of the roof.  Price is just one thing to consider when deciding on a roofing contractor.  Your roof protects 98% of your home, but what's under your roofing shingles can be just as important as the shingles themselves.  From ventilation issues, chimney flashing, roof deck underlayment barriers, valley type construction, installation quality, these are all issues and components that will affect the life of your roofing system and should be discussed with your roofing contractor prior to any work being done.

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