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Tile Roof Leaks and Repairs

Wichita, Ks; This attempted repair is something that drives me crazy as a professional roofing contractor. I went out to inspect a concrete tile roof that has been leaking around two skylights. The homeowner had someone repair the skylights two years ago. This person claimed they had the experience and knowledge to handle the job and fix the skylights.

The homeowner paid around $2,000 for this repair attempt. The repair lasted for six to nine months before small leaks started to show up again and have progressively gotten worse.

There are many issues here. These step flashings along the skylight are not designed for tile roofs, these step flashings are for asphalt shingles that you interlay between each shingle. The metal at the top of the skylight is just a thin piece of roll metal that is cut at the corners and not designed as a skylight flashing. Next are the batten boards the tile lay on. They are too close to the skylight and nailed into the step flashings. This pools water in this area and doesn't let the water flow down the roof.

The one item the roofer did properly was use and ice and water barrier around the skylight. The problem we see here is even the best material isn't going to fix an incompetent roofer or a roofer that doesn't have the proper skill for the job.

This tile roof is leaking again. Now the homeowner is out of pocket and paying for this roof repair again. The roofer did not stand behind his work and did not offer the homeowner a warranty on this tile repair.

The best material in the world won't save a bad roof installation or roof repair. We see it time and time again. Failed roof repairs attempted by unqualified people. Improper material followed up with poor repair techniques. When it comes to roof replacements and installation it doesn't pay off in the long run to use the cheapest bid. The roof protects 98% of what is inside your home. Water damage and roof leaks are a serious issue that can cause extensive damage to the interior of your home and health risk if the damage isn't fixed promptly.

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