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Brava Roof Tile

Are synthetic roofing shingles the future of the roofing industry?

Wichita, Ks; Douglas Fry Roofing has installed synthetic shingles since the late 1990s. The key benefits are the lightweight material, and maintenance-free life span compared to natural slate, clay tile, and old shake shingles. Many synthetic slates have a class 4 shingle rating to withstand hail and wind.

Some of the downsides to synthetic slates over the years is longevity. Many products have come and gone due to cracking, breaking, and extreme color fading. The early years of development with synthetic shingles didn't hold up to the harsh UV from the summers and created many problems.

Douglas Fry Roofing has been installing Brava Roof Tiles since 2021. Brava has some of the best style options available on the market today. They offer a barrel tile, slate profile, and shake profile. Brava tiles do not naturally degrade over time because UV protection is built into each tile. Brava also uses patented natural mineral-based colorants which do not degrade like some of the earlier synthetic shingles.

Douglas Fry Roofing has always been known for standing behind our work. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all Brava Roof Tile installations. Brava stands behind its products with a 50 Year manufacturer warranty that is transferable.

Brava Roof Tile is a great option if you are considering replacing an old wood shake roof. Each Brava Roof has a class 4 impact rating to stand up against hail. The light weight makes it a natural choice when replacing a shake shingle.

If you are in the market for a new roof give us a call for a free inspection to go over your current roof and discuss Brava Roof Tile options for your new roof.

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